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A big problem using VDSLRs like the 5D MK II or the 7D is to hold them steady. If you’re shooting documentaries as a journalist flexibility is also really an issue.  To solve those problems I use a kind of monopod called steadystick. This thing is build by a company (click here to get there) in Munich/ Germany. It’s small and lightweight but makes a very sturdy camera support for VDSLRs.

The moviestick is a short monopod with two handles on both ends: one is fixed an the other one is adjustable. It also comes with a little devive you can put on your belt to support the monopod.

MoviestickAlso attached to the belt support is a little bag, which is quite useless I think but unfortunalety you can’t get rid of it because it’s mounted to this unit with rivets. This is a part the Moviestick-makers should necessarily change in future versions!!  This pretty unflexible belt mount makes it very diffucult to attached it to a hipbag like the Thinktank Wire Up for example. I found a workaround for that and mounted it to the Wire Up with an extra strap, which is not very elgenat but it works. My wish for this part of the gear is a belt-mount which can be opened and closed with a velcro trap or something similar!

The camera is mounted on the stick with a Manfrotto/Bogen quick-release plate, which is the same system I use on one of my normal tripods 😉 That makes changing the camera from the Moviestick to a tripod and vice versa pretty easy.

As I have written above there are to handles:

The one on the top hand is adjustable, the one on the lower end is fixed plus you can adjust the lenght of the stick. This makes it possible to adjust the system for any holding position. It can be used for many needs: all in all it is stabilizing the camera quite easily without limiting your flexibilty to move around.

I have tested the Moviestick on my trip to Visa pour L’Image the photojournalism festival in France this year

For those shots I attached the Moviestick belt support to my Thinktank Wire Up 10 with an extra strap as mentioned above. To transport the Moviestick when not in use I put it on top of the Wire Up and secured the Moviestick’s top handle on the Wire Up  with the bags handle. This setup made carrying my gear and shooting really easy.

For my work as a multimedia-journalist the Moviestick is a great camera support. It is versatile and lightweight but  you will need some practice to get the best results with it.

If your’re interested in buying the Moviestick you can contact the company here >>

Here are some examples I shot with the Moviestick:

First of all you can use the Moviestick as a very flexible tripod which allows much more positions than a normal one.
For example you can look down from the top:

or you can use the Moviestick as a kind of camera-crane:

With some practise the moviestick is also usable as a kind of cheap but usefull steadycam:

another example for the use as a steadycam:

You can watch the full movie about Visa pour l’Image here >>

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